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Peyote Sleeves Tutorial - Odd-Count with Miyuki Delicas Size 10 and Seed Beads Size 11

Kumihimo Bracelet with Long Magatamas, C-lon Tex 400 Bead Cord & Peyote Stitch Sleeves
Left from top down: Mahogany with Soft Copper & Gold Mix Sleeve
Starlight with Silver & Gold Mix Sleeve
Tuxedo with Gunmetal & Gold Mix Sleeve
Center: Burnt Umber with Plum & Gold Mix Sleeve
Right from top down: Pink Shadow with Matte Pink & Silver Mix Sleeve
Cote d'Azur with Blue & Gold Mix Sleeve
Razzleberry with Dark Plum & Copper Mix Sleeves
For this sleeve we will be working with an odd count of beads, thus odd-count peyote. It makes one of the turn a bit more challenging, but it is well worth the effort as that center bead line is nice for symmetrical designs. we will also be working for a beads mix of Delicas and seed beads for added texture.

This tutorial assume that already made 1 or 2 sleeves from the two previous blog posts.  

Materials & Tools

Peyote Stitch Tutorial Material List
Miyuki Delicas Size 10, Miyuki Seed Beads Size 11, KO or Miyuki Beading Thread Lilac, a bead Embroidery Needle Size 10 or 12 & a Mini-Clamp

Peyote Stitch Tutorial
1. Thread the needle. Clamp the thread at 24 inch.
Load 6 Delicas, 3 Seed Beads & 6 Delicas, so a total of 15 beads. 

Peyote Sleeves Tutorial - Odd-Count
2. Work the first 3 rows as in the two previous tutorials. But you will be ending this row with a loose bead without a next final to anchor it to as in even-count peyote. 
Or see 'Alternate 2 Needle Start' in References listed below. 

Peyote Sleeves Tutorial - Odd-Count
3. To anchor this last bead, go through #1, then #2, then #3. Change direction and came back through #4, then #2, then #1. 

Peyote Stitch Tutorial - Odd-Count
5. Go through #5 and add the beads for the next row.
The turn on the next edge will be just like in even-count  peyote.

Peyote Stitch Tutorial - Odd-Count
6. Succeeding rows turns: Once again you end up with the last beads #4 in need of anchoring. Go through #1, #2, return through #3 and come out through #1. 

Peyote Stitch Tutorial - Odd-Count
7. Go though # 4 and start the next row. Proceed until the rectangle is the right size to cover the clasp.  

Note: When the thread gets too short, go in a circle around 4 beads a few times and let the end of the thread out on edge. Switch to the other end of the thread. 

Peyote Stitch Tutorial - Odd-Count
8. The rectangle is completed with 14 beads on each edge.

In my note book, I keep track of the number of beads along the length and the number of beads on the edge. For this particular clasp I need a peyote rectangle of Delicas 10s  and Seed Bead 11s Mix of  - 6D, 3S, 6D long x 14b.

Peyote Stitch from Flat to Tubular
9. Fold the rectangle into a tube and zip  the two sides together catching the outer beads on each side. 

Peyote Stitch Tube
10. Go around beads in a similar fashion as the odd count turn several times and melt the ends with a thread burner as in the two previous tutorials. 

Peyote Stitch Sleeves for Kumihimo Bracelet with Long Magatamas & C-Lon Tex 400 Bead Cord

11. Attach the sleeve to one side of the braid using one of the leftover thread by stitching it to the braid.

Here it is shown on the bracelet. The other 3 sleeves are alternative sleeves made with Miyuki Seed Beads Size 11 and Delicas Size 11. There are shown in the previous blog entries. 


Peyote Stitch Tutorials
Even-Count Peyote Sleeves with Delicas Size 11
Even-Count Peyote Sleeves with Seed Beads Size 11

Get Kits, Materials & Tools
Peyote Beaded Sleeves
Kumihimo Bracelet with Long Magatamas & C-Lon Tex 400 Bead Cord
KO/Miyuki Beading Thread
C-Lon Beading Thread Size D
WildFire Beading Thread
Bead Embroidery Needles
Magnetic End Clasps in Gold or Silver Tone

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