Monday, June 15, 2015

Peyote Stitch History

Why is it named 'Peyote Stitch'? 

I got curious… in all the hours spent beading… I think I found some answers in an article in the Examiner and a blog entry and a short paragraph in Beading Daily.

Image Courtesy of The Bead Lab

This beading technique can be traced all the way to Ancient Egypt.

Naming this off-loom technique 'Peyote' originated in the 19th century in the USA due to its popularity among Plain Indian beadwork and it's ties with objects beaded in such a manner used in Peyote ceremonies by the Native American Church. 

It is also known as 'gourd stitch' and as 'running-bond stitch'. The naming of this technique 'gourd stitch' comes from the use of this beading technique to decorate gourd containers. This technique is found all over the world, in West Africa, in Huichol beadwork in Mexico, and of course in contemporary beadwork around the world. 

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