Friday, June 5, 2015

New C-Lon Bead Cord Colors - June 2015

New C-Lon Bead Colors

C-Lon just released 4 new colors. How do they compare with existing colors? What's their values, their hues, and their saturation levels? 

I will try to answers these questions by comparing them with existing colors in a picture form. 

Copper Rose is an amazing color and the perfect answer if you are looking for a soft copper tone with a Southwest feel. On my computer this jpeg rendition looks pretty good when compared with the real spool, but keep in mind that browsers and screens all have their own rendition of colors...
As to the real cord color, it is a fine addition and I can't wait to work with it!

Comparing C-Lon Bead Cord Color Copper Rose with other colors
Copper Rose is right in between Sea Shell, Ginger, Sienna & Black Currant

C-Lon Bead Cord Color Copper Rose with other C-Lon Bead Colors
Here is Copper Rose (CPR, yes it is ready to come and help, haha) in the center surrounded by the colors listed in the picture above, plus on top: Peach Glow, Pink Lemonade, Chinese Coral.
Below: Wine, the a bit lower, Rose, Cerise, and Eggplant.

New C-Lon Bead Cord Color Myrtle Green compared  with other C-Lon Bead Cordcolors
Myrtle Green compared to Fern and Sage… 
The greens, Myrtle Green just arrived, Cypress Green will arrive next month, but I already have a sample spool… so mere is a outline of the major payers in the green field… Did that sound like a joke?

New C-Lon Bead Cord Color Myrtle & Cypress Green compared  with other C-Lon Bead greens
Myrtle Green is in, right at the top, a bluish green. It is a great addition. Cypress Green is in the lower area, greener than Olive, darker than Olivine, lighter and more olive than Forest Green.

Now let's move on to the Oranges...
New C-Lon Bead Cord Color Popsicle Orange compared  with other C-Lon Bead Cord oranges
Popsicle Orange is a bright orange, that will work well with the colors above, Peach Gold, Tangerine, Orange, and Shanghai Red, plus Light Copper. In addition it will bridge Golden Yellow and Orange.

The next color is the oddest color I have ever seen, as it reacts to light in unusual way. It is a hot pink in most light condition, but with light hitting it at the right angle it becomes redder… 

C-Lon Bead Cord Fluo Hot Pink compared with other hot pinks and reds
Fluo Hot pink get a reddish cast depending on the angle of the light… It is quite complex even when compared with Poinsettia, a slightly fluorescent color and Neon Pink
C-Lon Bead Cord Fluo Hot Pink compared with other hot pinks and reds
Here you can see 2 spools of FHP reacting differently to the same ambient light, The spool on the left stays hot pink, where as the one on the lower right becomes redder on the edges. The spool on the top right, Poinsettia, is a semi fluorescent color. Poinsettia is quite as reactive to light as Fluo Hot Pink.

Next month, in July, 4 other colors are coming in, Aurum, Medium Brown, Green Olive & Venetian Red. Then in August & September, these same colors will also become available in the Tex 400 Bead Cord Size. At least that's the plan. 

I am truly amazed to have so many colors to work with!

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