Thursday, June 11, 2015

Peyote Stitch Tutorial - 2 Needle Start

So now we have explored basic even-count Peyote stitch with Miyuki Delicas Size 11, Peyote stitch with Miyuki Seed Beads Size 11, and odd-count Peyote stitch with a mix of Miyuki Delicas Size 10 and Miyuki Seed Beads Size 11. We turned the small rectangles into tubes by zipping the edges together. 

Now it is time to look into alternative methods. Here is one that is very useful. 

If you tried starting the first few rows of Peyote Stitch the conventional way and found it confusing, this is the perfect way to go. 

Note: You can use this method for odd and even count Peyote Stitch. Just make sure to end the row with a single bead for the even count... Here it is shown for odd count.

Peyote Stitch 2 Needle Start
WildFire the first time… and PowerPro the second time

Trying all the beading thread for an upcoming post...

Peyote Stitch 2 Needle Start
1. Put a needle on both ends of the beading thread (48 inches long for this project).

Peyote Stitch 2 Needle Start
2. With one of the needle, load 2 beads, slide them to the center of the thread.

Peyote Stitch 2 Needle Start
3. Load 1 bead onto the two needles. Slide it again the first 2 beads.  

Peyote Stitch 2 Needle Start
4. Load 2 beads, 1 bead on each of the needles.
Slide them down.
Continue alternating step 3 & 4. 

Peyote Stitch 2 Needle Start
5. Switch types of bead when the design requires it.

Peyote Stitch 2 Needle Start
6. If both needles do not fit, insert one needle at a time through the bead. 

Peyote Stitch 2 Needle Start
7. Here are the first 3 rows completed. 

Now continue with the 2 Needle Method for Odd-Count Peyote until you have enough rows for the sleeve. Turn the rectangle into a tube following direction posted in any of the 3 tutorials listed below in References.

The Two Needle Start and the Two Needle Odd-Count Method  have become my favorites for odd-count Peyote Sleeves. 


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Anonymous said...

This is MUCH easier than the traditional start method. It probably cut my start time by more than 50%.

Anonymous said...

Can this be used for both odd and even count?

Marion Hunziker-Larsen said...

Yes it can. I use this method for all my Peyote stitch project. This way the length of the thread is evenly divided between the two needles and is easier to handle as it is shorter.