Sunday, November 27, 2016

Comparing C-Lon Micro Cord and Tuff Bead Cord Size 1

A customer just asked me a question wanting to compare some colors of C-Lon Micro Colors and Tuff Bead Cord Size 1. Here is the first picture in this series. I will keep adding more pictures as time allows. 

CLMC = C-Lon Micro Cord Tex 70
TUFF= Tuff Bead Cord - Size 1

As to diameter and texture, both cords feel the same. Tuff may have a bit more bond. 

The official diameter of the Tuff Bead Cord Size 1 is 0.274mm whereas C-Lon Micro Cord official diameter is 0.115mm, but visually they seem very similar. The difference between these two measurements might just be because two different companies did the measuring and measuring diameter is not accurate as the thread is soft and might be compressed when measured. 

Because of this problem of compression, thread company do not usually measure thread by its diameter, but by its weight. The Tex system which is adopted widely, but not universally measures the thread by weight, grams for 1 kilometer of thread. thus 1 km of Micro Cord weight 70 gr. But Tuff does not provide Tex numbers for its cord. According to my calculations, it should be around Tex 78... so just a tad thicker than C-Lon Micro Cord. 

C-Lon Micro Cord versus Tuff bead Cord Size 1

C-Lon Micro Cord come in 32 colors. Tuff bead Cord in 16. So that a total of 48 colors. Here are the first 7. I hope this will help refine your choices! - Marion