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Comparing C-Lon Micro Cord and Tuff Bead Cord Size 1

A customer just asked me a question wanting to compare some colors of C-Lon Micro Colors and Tuff Bead Cord Size 1. Here is the first picture in this series. I will keep adding more pictures as time allows. 

CLMC = C-Lon Micro Cord Tex 70
TUFF= Tuff Bead Cord - Size 1

As to diameter and texture, both cords feel the same. Tuff may have a bit more bond. 

The official diameter of the Tuff Bead Cord Size 1 is 0.274mm whereas C-Lon Micro Cord official diameter is 0.115mm, but visually they seem very similar. The difference between these two measurements might just be because two different companies did the measuring and measuring diameter is not accurate as the thread is soft and might be compressed when measured. 

Because of this problem of compression, thread company do not usually measure thread by its diameter, but by its weight. The Tex system which is adopted widely, but not universally measures the thread by weight, grams for 1 kilometer of thread. thus 1 km of Micro Cord weight 70 gr. But Tuff does not provide Tex numbers for its cord. According to my calculations, it should be around Tex 78... so just a tad thicker than C-Lon Micro Cord. 

C-Lon Micro Cord versus Tuff bead Cord Size 1

C-Lon Micro Cord come in 32 colors. Tuff bead Cord in 16. So that a total of 48 colors. Here are the first 7. I hope this will help refine your choices! - Marion


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Paypal Shopping Cart - Check out Process Steps

Occasionally someone calls me with questions about the check-out process of my online store. It is a lot easier to show screenshots then to explain the process verbally. The Paypal Shopping Cart process just got a lot simpler as of October 2016.

When you add an item on your cart the Paypal shopping cart opens in a secondary window or a new tab depending on the preferences set on your browser. The secondary window is a Paypal window, with a https to keep your personal info secure. Here are the steps to pay by credit card, not a Paypal account.

STEP 1 - Shopping Cart
Green arrows are options; red arrows are mandatory steps.

–> Check items on shopping cart. 
Update quantities. Remove items. Click on more for full description of item. Double check your shopping cart content.

–> Click on LOWER BUTTON - To pay by credit card

STEP 2 - Enter all your info, cc info, billing address, shipping address if different from billing address, shipping method, phone number and email address.

Why do we need your phone number? Occasionally, we have a question about your order and we need an answer immediately to ship your order right away… and please make sure your email address is correct otherwise, you will not get your order confirmation and shipping notices. 

–> Click on Continue to PLACE YOUR ORDER & COMPLETE YOUR TRANSACTION (should be Place Order)

STEP 3 - Order Confirmation

Once the transaction is complete, you will be returned to this page. 

–> Email or call for additional instructions or if you have any questions. 


- Paypal transfer your payment minus their fee into our Paypal account - but not your cc info.
- We get an email with your order.
- You get an automated email from Paypal with your order detail.
- You get an automated email from us that we received your order
- We pack your order.
- We ship your order - most orders are shipped via the US postal services.
- You get an automated email notification that your order has shipped with the tracking number.
- Delivery - You get an automated email that it has been delivered.

FYI: Not getting the automated emails? Sometimes they end up in the spam folder… 


If you experiencing any problems or difficulties with the shopping cart, here are options:

–> Web Browsing App - Try a different one such as Firefox, Chrome or Safari.
–>  Paypal Invoice - Email your order, shipping address & billing address if different We will generate a Paypal invoice payable with any major credit cards.
–>  Email/Phone - Email your order with address, phone number and best time to call. We will prepare your invoice and call for credit card info.


Post updated on Oct 25, 2016

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Playing with String Art - Designs with C-Lon Bead Cord

String Art with C-Lon Bead Cord

String art, also known as symmography, or filography, is best described as linear thread design merging geometry and art, or mathematical and geometrical design combined with artistic design. Essentially, it works by connecting two points with a straight line, and then by grouping and overlapping multiple points and lines. The design can be first drawn with pencil and a ruler on a sheet of paper or can be composed in a more spontaneous way directly with the cord and thread right onto a board or canvas. 

C-Lon Bead Cord is a perfect material to create string art pieces with its wide color range and different sizes, making it fun to play around and experiment with. 

Here are my first three pieces experimenting in this field. All are made with a 12 by 12 stretched canvas. 12 by 12 canvasses are inexpensive and easily available at your local art store or online. 

Shield - Playing with Symmetry

String Art with C-Lon Bead Cord

Materials: 1 12 x 12 Canvas, Gesso, Acrylic Paint, Small Nails, C-Lon Tex 400 Bead Cord
Tools: Pencil, Ruler, 1-2 Foam Brushes, Hammer, Scissors, and Thread Burner

1. First paint the canvas with white gesso, let it dry.

2. Add a coat of acrylic in a celadon tone and let it dry.

3. Tack small nails to the back of the stretcher bars, 1 cm apart, all around. If the nails are placed on the back of the canvas, they will not be seen. They will face the wall. Leave the head of the nails sticking out so the cords can be wrapped around the nails. 

For this piece I added 4 nails right at the center of each side and left these sticking out a bit more as lots of cords will be strung around these nails. 

From left to right: (darker to lighter colors) 
Group 1 - Persian Indigo, Hyacinth and Periwinkle
Group 2 - Myrtle Green, Fern and Mint - Oops Fern is missing and Celadon is shown instead
Group 3 - Navy, Indigo, and Light Blue
Group 4 - Marina, Teal and Turquoise

4. Start stringing the rays from the central nail outwards. Each of the rays are made with 3 C-Lon Tex 400 Bead Cord colors. Attach the darker color by making a knotted loop, melt the end of the cord right into the knot with the thread burner, and loop it around the first nail, just off center across the main center nail. Go back and forth around the nails making 8 central rays, 4 on each side of the center line. On one side go around two nails, the other side always around the central nail creating a symmetrical design.

5. Change to the next color in between two of the nails. Tie the darker color you just used to the middle color, melt the cord ends into the knot, and continue looping the cord back and forth. Change to lighter color and finish all the way to the last nail. Tie the cord off with 2-3 half hitches. Melt the cord end into the last half hitch. 

6. Repeat for all 4 sides. 

Variations: change colors, change cord size, add more cords... 

String Art with C-Lon Bead Cord

The photo montages may not show the pieces to scale. To get this effect, you may have to scale up to larger canvasses.

String Art with C-Lon Bead Cord

These close ups show how the piece is seen from the side, making them a good choice for wall art in a hallway... as they change as you move. 

String Art with C-Lon Bead Cord

Bridge - Balanced Asymmetry

String Art - with C-Lon Bead Cord

Materials: 1 12 x 12 Canvas, Gesso, Black Gesso, Small Nails, C-Lon Micro Bead Cord, C-Lon Fine Weight Bead Cord and C-Lon Tex 400 Bead Cord
Tools: Pencil, Ruler, 1-2 Foam Brushes, Hammer, Scissors, and Thread Burner

This piece is a bit more free form than the last one... Follow steps 1-3, but at step 2, coat the canvass with black gesso instead of an acrylic coat.

String Art - with C-Lon Bead Cord

Cord Colors: C-Lon Micro Cord in Grey ad Oyster, Fine Weight in Grey, Argentum and White and C-Lon Tex 400 in Shanghai Red. 

May have been Beige and Oyster for the Fine Weight. Not sure, the piece is at a show and all the colors were left on my desk, so I considered them... I can't remember which ones I ended up using for the Fine Weight exactly. 

Work the cord in layers starting with the Micro Grey and then the Fine Weight going from dark to light. Create movement and repetitions. 

Tie the bundles with the Tex 400 cord. Use the thread burner to melt the ends back into the knot. Then weave some Shanghai Red cords across using a tapestry needle. Size 20 is perfect for C-Lon Tex 400 Cord

For this piece I had no precise composition plan, other than creating an asymmetrical composition reminiscent of jazz with repetitions and surprises. I just followed my intuition and ending up with 3 repeated elements, the 3 triangles on left and the bundles on the right. All held up by the repeated diagonal lines going from left to right and the intersecting line on the right corner. The contrasting red color was the final touch bringing in dots as knots and woven lines.

String Art with C-Lon Bead Cord

Close up of the Tied Bundles

String Art with C-Lon Bead Cord

Close up of the Triangles

String Art with C-Lon Bead Cord

Close up of the Woven Lines

Tight Rope - Creating Tension

String Art with C-Lon Bead Cord

Materials: 1 12 x 12 Canvas, White Gesso, Small Copper Plated Nails, Black C-Lon Micro Bead Cord , Copper Wire, Electronic Wire

Tools: Pencil, Ruler, 1-2 Foam Brushes, Hammer, Scissors, and Thread Burner

String Art with Nylon Cord

This piece is a bit more planned than the last one... Gesso the canvas with white gesso. Let dry. Then mark the places where nails will go using a ruler and a pencil. 

Drill partial holes. It will make it easier to hammer the nails straight. Hammer the nails all at the same depth. Use a guide to keep the tops of the nails level. 

String Art with Nylon Cord

I placed 11 nails on the top left, nails all across the bottom, all 1 cm apart. The final nails on the top right were added afterwards once the thread composition was made with the Black C-Lon Micro Cord. 

String Art with Nylon Cord

Attach the cord right at the left bottom nail. Use 3-4 half hitches. Melt the cord end right to the knot. Pull tight to make sure it is secure. Create a composition with the Black Micro Cord, going back and forth. Think of it as music with rhythm. End the Micro cord with 3-4 half hitches and melt the cord end into the last knot. 

String Art with Nylon Cord

I added the extra nail on top right for the final touch, the opposing composition element and a contrast of materials. 

String Art with Nylon Cord

The copper wire is hand twisted - the galvanized electronic just pulled tightly. 

String Art with Nylon Cord

I hope that you will try this art form. It is easy and the results are fun. If you go ahead and make a piece, let me know how it goes. This is the perfect type of projects to do as a planned activity with kids incorporating art and geometry... And it can be done with cardboard cutting little slots on the edges instead of canvasses and nails. 

I will keep you posted on future pieces. I really want to make a few more! - Marion

Resources and References

Compare Thread Burners

Do a search on 'String Art', get books on the subject... There are many resources with info and instructions online relating to this subject, but please refrain from using cotton floss or cotton crochet yarn as many of these sites recommend. C-Lon Bead Cord is far superior as it can be dusted, washed, and the cord is durable!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Matching C-Lon Bead Cord Colors with Kanagawa & Fujix Tire Silks, and Chinese Knotting Cord Size E

Matching C-Lon Bead Cord Colors for Malas

Matching colors across different brands is a difficult task in person. Doing it online is a daunting task. It requires opening several windows at the same time and a large screen.

Anyone making Malas or looking to match colors across these brands will find this post useful. Photos showing matches and relations between colors will be added to this post as time permits.

Please keep in mind that colors do shift with dye lots, and colors on your monitor or printer may not perfectly match the actual color of the thread and cord. 

The cord and thread is shown in shade groups. Rows are marked based on the C-Lon Bead Cord Color Chart. A PDF table is available in Resources at the end of this article. The table is organized alphabetically by C-Lon Bead Cord color codes. The C-Lon Bead Cord and C-Lon Tex 400 are both shown in the picture below with the Tex 400 at the top. Occasionally there is a slight shift between the two due to dye lot variations, otherwise the colors are the same. 

C-Lon Colors - Row 1 Aurum & Myrtle Green

Compare C-Lon Bead Cord Colors with Silks and Chinese Knotting Cord

AU Aurum - KNK-158
MYR Myrtle Green - KNK-138

The other New Colors are spread around below. 

C-Lon Colors - Row 2

Compare C-Lon Bead Cord Colors with Silks and Chinese Knotting Cord

BK-Black - KNK-BK or FJX-402, KNK-77 a bit richer, warmer + CHKC-E-101 Black
GR Grey - KNK-65 tad lighter, FJX-63, KNK-127, KNK-66 to catch more blue + CHKC-E-219 Dark Grey
ARG Argentum
- KNK-73, KNK-65, FJX-111 lighter + CHKC-E-205 Silver
WH White - KNK-WH, FJX-401, KNK-00 currently the better match, or FJX-403 bit warmer + CHKC-E-102 White

Currently the Tex 400 ARG dye lot is a bit lighter than the standard C-Lon and FJX-111 is a better match catching the highlights in the nylon perfectly.

Compare C-Lon Bead Cord Colors with Silks and Chinese Knotting Cord

SLV Silver - FJX-12 + CHKC-E-218 Concrete
NK Nickel - KNK-65, FJX-44 catches highlights, KNK-72
GM Gunmetal - FJX-21, FJX-114, KNK-128
CHA Charcoal - FJX-125 lighter but good tone, FJX-66 perfect catches deep tones, FX-77 catches deeper tones

C-Lon Colors - Row 3

Compare C-Lon Bead Colors with Silks and Chinese Knotting Cord

O Orchid - FJX-134 a bit lighter + CHKC-E-423 Lavender darker
PH Pale Heather - KNK-108 + CHKC-E-421 Light Orchid more saturated (not shown)
LV Lavender - FJX-05 cleaner hue, more saturated
FL French Lilac- KNK-107 + CHKC-E-415 French Lilac
MP Medium Purple - FJX-57 (not shown above)
PU Purple - KNK-24, FJX-57, FJX-130 tad redder
AM Amethyst - KNK-144 CHKC-E-427 Amethyst
VIO Violet - KNK-117

C-Lon Colors - Row 4

Compare C-Lon Bead Cord Colors with Silks and Chinese Knotting Cord

CRS Cerise - FJX-78, KNK-821 lighter
P Pink - KNK-172 best (not shown), KNK-170 bit duller, KNK-171 a bit darker, FJX-141 a bit brighter and more saturated
LO Light Orchid FJX-30 lighter and brighter, KNK-11 more saturated and darker
LTM Light Magenta- KNK-11 lighter and brighter + CHKC-E-325 Dynasty Magenta
RA Raspberry - KNK-6 CHKC-E-408 Fuchsia
GP Grape - KNK-22 CHKC-E-409 Grape
AZ Azalea - no close match found
PTL Petal - no close match found 

C-Lon Colors - Row 5

Compare C-Lon Bead Cord Colors with Silks and Chinese Knotting Cord

EGG Eggplant - KNK-801 (better with BC Black Current), KNK-801 more purple, FJX-157 (not shown) perfect shade, but washed down, lighter, not as deep CHKC-E-359 Dark Smoke
WN Wine - FJX-78 
RS Rose - FJX-37, KNK-170 more pink (close match to CHNK-E-316) CHKC-E-316 Geisha Gown more pink
BG Bubblegum - KNK-12 CHKC-E-314 Pink Lotus more pink
PL Pink Lemonade - KNK-93 CHKC-E-322.5 Pink Coral
CC Chinese Coral - KNK-91 CHKC-E-324 Guava

C-Lon Colors - Fluo Hot Pink - Neon Pink - Poinsettia

Compare C-Lon Bead Cord Colors with Silks and Chinese Knotting Cord

FHP Fluo Hot Pink - KNK-795 CHKC-E-315 China Pink lighter
PO Poinsettia - FJX-155 a bit darker, KNK-10a bit duller and redder 
NEP Neon Pink  + CHKC-E-363 Neon Pink

C-Lon Colors - Reds + Orange

Compare C-Lon Bead Colors with Silks and Chinese Knotting Cord

VR Venetian Red - FJX-11 best, or FJX-79
R Red - KNK-1, KNK-2, or FJX-64 deeper tone CHKC-E-319 Plum a tad deeper
RH Red-Hot - FJX-10
SR Shanghai Red - KNK-4 CHKC-E-384 Poppy Red brighter, lighter
OG Orange - KNK-179 darker,browner, FJX-62 closest, KNK-5 more saturated

C-Lon Colors - Oranges

Compare C-Lon Bead Cord Colors with Silks and Chinese Knotting Cord

NEO Neon Orange - No exact match, KNK-5 redder and not a neon color
CHKC-E-929 Tangelo - Orange, brighter than all C-Lon
OG Orange - KNK-179 darker,browner, FJX-62 closest, KNK-5 more saturated
TN Tangerine - KNK-177
AP Apricot - FJX-61 a bit darker and more saturated
PSO Popsicle Orange - FJX-32 + CHKC-E-925 Mandarin lighter and brighter (shown below)
LC Light Copper - FJX-72 best (oops, not shown), KNK-99 a bit darker and more saturated

C-Lon Colors - Row 6 + Copper Rose

Compare C-Lon Bead Cord Colors with Silks and Chinese Knotting Cord

CPR Copper Rose - FJX-37  a tad brighter, or KNK-7 (not shown) good hue, but much lighter
BC Black Currant - KNK-801 best, FJX-38/KNK-135 redder CHKC-E-359 Dark Smoke darker, deeper
SI Sienna - KNK-92 closest hue, but much lighter
NT Nutmeg - KNK-824 + CHKC-E-824 Ginger
GIN Ginger - FJX-94, KNK-825 more apricot CHKC-E-822 Blush similar to KNK-825
PG Peach Glow - FJX-41 a bit more saturated, darker, KNK-14 a tad more pink

C-Lon Colors - Row 7 + Medium Brown & Sepia

Compare C-Lon Bead Cord Colors with Silks and Chinese Knotting Cord

SE Sepia - FJX-25 or KNK-168 both lighter CHKC-E-806 Sepia browner
MB Medium Brown - FJX-121, KNK-101 CHKC-E-816 Good Earth darker, browner
BR Brown - FJX-40 a bit redder, FJX-123 CHKC-E-816 Good Earth bit less red
S Sable - FJX-122
BLS Blush - FJX-94 (not shown)
SS Sea Shell - FJX-41
MAH Mahogany - KNK-100 or FJX-116 CHKC-E-838 Henna 

C-Lon Colors - Row 8 + Chocolate

Compare C-Lon Bead Cord Colors with Silks and Chinese Knotting Cord

CHO Chocolate - FJX-117 CHKC-E-359 Dark Smoke deeper, more burgundy or CHKC-E-806 Sepia lighter, greener
CO Cocoa - KNK-56 (not shown), KNK-90, KNK-64/FJX-12 both lighter CHKC-E-352 Light Taupe lighter
BE Beige - current CLC is darker than the Tex 400 - KNK-69 deeper, KNK-71 lighter
OY Oyster - FJX-28

C-Lon Colors - Row 8 + Latte & Wheat

Compare C-Lon Bead Cord Colors with Silks and Chinese Knotting Cord

AB Antique Brown - KNK-64 grayer, KNK-83 more gold CHKC-E-352 Light Taupe grayer
L Latte - FJX-49 CHKC-E-725 Chai a bit redder
WT Wheat - FJX-156 CHKC-E-852 Wheat
VA Vanilla - KNK-182 CHKC-E-800 Ivory
CR Cream - KNK-97, FJX-42 CHKC-E-752 Champagne 2
LM Lemon - KNK-196, FJX-17 or KNK-17 CHKC-E-763 Vanilla
CHKC-E-912 Lemon darker and more saturated than LM, lighter than GY
GY Golden Yellow - KNK-19, FJX-145 CHKC-E-921 Golden Yellow

C-Lon Colors - Row 9

Compare C-Lon Bead Cord Colors with Silks and Chinese Knotting Cord

LMZ Light Maize - KNK-158 more saturated, KNK-196 lighter, KNK-79 darker
MG Marigold KNK-78 best, FJX-29 lighter
GO Gold - FJX-74 
CST Chestnut - FJX-20
DKT Dark Tan - KNK-184 best (not shown), FJX-91 lighter, KNK-814 a bit more gold

C-Lon Colors - Row 10

Compare C-Lon Bead Cord Colors with Silks and Chinese Knotting Cord

K Khaki - KNK-119 CHKC-E-701 Antique Brass
FX Flax - FJX-203
T Tan - KNK-119 a touch greener
AGO Antique Gold - KNK-79 CHKC-E-708 Golden Olive greener
BRZ Bronze + CHKC-E-708 Golden Olive brighter
GOLV Golden Olive - KNK-828 deeper

C-Lon Colors - Row 11 + Green Olive & Olive

Compare C-Lon Bead Cord Colors with Silks and Chinese Knotting Cord

LMG Lemongrass - KNK-160 lighter, softer
CT Chartreuse - KNK-160 softer, KNK-156 greener, darker + CHKC-E-642 Lime greener and brighter ( shown below)
MO Moss - KNK-113 + CHKC-E-647 Moss
OLVN Olivine - FJX-81 lighter
GRO Green Olive - FJX-31 + CHKC-E-659 Dark Fern
OL Olive - KNK-26 highlights, KNK-155 deeper tones

C-Lon Colors - Row 11 + Mint

Compare C-Lon Bead Cord Colors with Silks and Chinese Knotting Cord

M Mint - KNK-166 lighter, KNK-165 darker CHKC-E-630 Mint lighter
FE Fern - KNK-132 (best/not shown), KNK-165 brighter + CHKC-E-626 Fern
PER Peridot - FJX-131 + CHKC-E-622 New Jade
G Green - KNK-112 a bit more olive, best match KNK-30 a bit ore saturated, with less depth, FK-35 a bit bluer + CHKC-E-640 Emerald Green (matches KNK-30, but with more depth)
FG Forest Green - KNK-148 greener, FJX-69 deep tone CHKC-E-619 Deep Forest

C-Lon Colors - Row 12 + Peacock

Compare C-Lon Bead Cord Colors with Silks and Chinese Knotting Cord

MA Marina - FJX-58 a bit darker
CER Cerulean - KNK-86 a bit greener
CEL Celadon - FJX- 45 lighter, FJX-52 bluer, FJX-209 darker, KNK-34 lighter and bluer + CHKC-E-603 Verdigris
SG Sage - FJX-46, FJX-209 darker & duller + CHKC-E-605 Teal
TQ Turquoise - FJX-46, KNK-115 lighter + CHKC-E-605 Teal
TL Teal - KNK-136 lighter 
PK Peacock - KNK-745 + CHKC-E-548 Peacock

C-Lon Colors - Row 13 + Ice Blue

Compare C-Lon Bead Cord Colors with Silks and Chinese Knotting Cord

IB Ice Blue - KNK-115 lighter, KNK-136 a tad greener + CHKC-E-541 Aqua Mist (lighter than IB)
In between IB and AQ - CHKC-E-542 Aqua
AQ Aqua - FJX-105, KNK-85 + CHKC-E-542.2 Aqua darker
CY Cyan - KNK-116 + CHKC-E-546 Cyan
BL Blue Lagoon - KNK-118 + CHKC-E-538 Blue Lagoon

C-Lon Colors - Row 13

Compare C-Lon Bead Cord Colors with Silks and Chinese Knotting Cord

STL Steel - KNK-33
PRL Pearl - KNK-721 hue is a bit off, closest matchCHKC-E-501 Pearl bluer
SB Sky Blue - FJX-101 + CHKC-E-512 Blue Dawn
CB Caribbean Blue - KNK-118 darker + CHKC-E-513 Buddha Blue brighter
C Capri - KNK-20 brighter, KNK-40 best but darker
CHKC-E-508.1 brighter more saturated than Capri

C-Lon Colors - Row 14

Compare C-Lon Bead Cord Colors with Silks and Chinese Knotting Cord

N Navy - KNK-150
IND Indigo - KNK-153 good hue but more saturated, KNK-800 grayer less saturated
LB Light Blue - FJX-27 a bit lighter + CHKC-E-505 Denim
BLM Blue Morning - FJX-27 a bit darker + CHKC-E-502 Blue Morning
PKL Periwinkle  + CHKC-E-503 Pale Heather
HYA Hyacinth - KNK-117 a bit more purple
PI Persan Indigo - KNK-117 a bit lighter, FJX-6 best match (not shown) + CHKC-E-518 Midnight a bit bluer

C-Lon Colors - Popsicle Orange and Chartreuse

Compare C-Lon Bead Cord Colors with Silks and Chinese Knotting Cord

PSO Popsicle Orange  + CHKC-E-925 Mandarin lighter and brighter
CT Chartreuse  + CHKC-E-642 Lime greener and brighter

C-Lon Colors - Neons

Compare C-Lon Bead Cord Colors with Silks and Chinese Knotting Cord

NEO Neon Orange
NEY Neon Yellow  + CHKC-E-661 Neon Lime
NEG Neon Green
NEP Neon Pink  + CHKC-E-363 Neon Pink (not shown)
CHKC-E-999 Neon Mix goes with any of the neon colors

Writing this post has been a labor of love, with thread and spools all over my floor. The post and the PDF attached below are now complete. Of course, if you have successfully matched C-Lon colors to the Kanagawa and Fujix Tire Silks and Chinese Knotting Cord Size E or if you find better matches than the one listed, please let me know! - Marion

Resources & Links