Sunday, June 10, 2012

Shambhala Bracelet Kit

Shambhala Bracelet Kits

Shambhala Bracelet Kits have been on my to do list for a long time out of pure survival.  One can only answer the same question so many times. Blogs are absolutely great for this purpose.

Chinese square knot bracelets can be found on the Hong Kong and Chinese markets made with Jade or various gemstone beads with many knotting variations. Several common denominators are usually present: many square knots, a sliding knot closure and the use of Chinese Knotting Cord. Beyond that the actual design layout, the size and the type of beads and the cord weight are up to the designer. This type of bracelet, updated to a modern version, has become very popular. Some bracelets with real diamonds, precious metals and Tahitian pearls are intended for affluent customers. Stars have been wearing them. JZ was on the cover a magazine wearing one... Hey I had to be told who he was, so much for stars following...

My Shambhala bracelet version is pure Bling without the Ding, dressy or casual, fashionably chic. Last year I made and sold many variations at local markets in the search for the perfect design. I ended up streamlining the stringing, the knotting process and coming up with my own variation - at least it's one I have not seen anywhere else. My customers loved this new version as it is easy to put on and off by oneself, and some of the problems that occur with the sliding closure have been resolved. The kit includes sizing tips and all the material to make one bracelet. It is available in these six original colors:

Swarovski Crystal Pearls, Stardust & Rhinestone
Bead Accent with Dark Grey Knotting Cord

Black & White
Swarovski Crystal Pearls, Ebony Beads, Beadelle
Pave Bead Accent with Dark Grey Knotting Cord

Swarovski Crystal Pearls, Stardust & Beadelle Pave Bead Accents
with Black Knotting Cord

Swarovski Crystal Pearls, Stardust & Beadelle Pave Bead Accents
with Brown Knotting Cord

Swarovski Crystal Pearls, Stardust & Beadelle Pave Bead Accents
with Beige Knotting Cord

Swarovski Crystal Pearls, Stardust & Beadelle Pave Bead Accents
with Light Grey Knotting Cord

I promised myself that I would contain myself with the 6 original colors, but could not help myself and added this version with the Night Blue Pearls right away... 

Night Blue
Swarovski Crystal Pearls, Stardust & Rhinestone Bead Accents
with Dark Grey Knotting Cord

And here I go again, after one of my customer requested this version,
I had to make the actual bracelet and I like it....

Swarovski Crystal Pearls, Stardust & Beadelle Pave
Bead Accents with White Cord 

Get a kit or just the instructions and try this new version of this classical Chinese bracelet updated for 2012!

Oh, and why has this bracelet been called Shambhala or Shambala, depending on the spelling... Shambhala, in the Tibbetan buddhist tradition, is a lost valley, a mythic or real place to be found between the Himalaya and the Gobi desert representing some form of paradise. It also represents the heart chakra or the Buddha nature, and basic human wisdom. Knots have lots of meaning in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition as they represent interconnectedness and perfection especially when they are synetrical. Tying knots is a form of meditation.

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Judith said...

I got one of your shambhala kits in a golden bronze color, and material for an extra bracelet in the lovely dark blue color. I'm just starting the project, and I'm really enjoying it. I came back to your site today, and see that you've added more wonderful colors! These will make great holiday presents. Thank you for making the design better!

Judith said...

I got your shambhala bracelet kit in the copper color, and added extra for the night blue bracelet. Since I'm a beginner, I really appreciate that you fix the ends of the cords, and provide everything so nicely packaged. Thank you for creating a better design as well. These will make great holiday presents!

Dulcea said...

I was curious on the cording you used. I know how to do the bracelet, but trouble finding a nice cording. Is it paracord or something else?