Sunday, August 23, 2015

Kumihimo Bracelet Duo & Necklace Plus Continued - Santorini Colorway

Kumihimo Bracelet Duo & Necklace Plus - Santorini

In the previous post, the colorway featured was Place Vendome. 
Here are the photos of the kumihimo bracelets and necklace done with the Santorini colorway.

Oh, and why Santorini? The colors reminds me of the Minoan murals in Crete. Then I thought of the lost Minoan civilization of Atlantis, but the Atlantis has a bit too much attached to its name, so Santorini seemed much more appropriate as a name as it is the island where Atlantis may have been, before being destroyed when its volcano exploded… 

Kumihimo Bracelet Duo & Necklace Plus - Santorini
Here is the materials for the Kumihimo Bracelet Duo…

Kumihimo Bracelet Duo Kit

The start of bracelet #1

Bracelet #1
Left shows the back side of the bracelet, nice a soft against the wrist with no beads.
Right shows the front side with the small bead ridge in the center. 

Kumihimo Bracelet Duo - Santorini

Here are the two bracelet done with this kit. 
Bracelet #1 on the right; bracelet #2 on the left. 

What's intriguing is the texture and color differences between these two bracelets. It is also possible to switch and start with bracelet #2 first, then the color arrangement would be changed. 
Kumihimo Bracelet Duo  - Santorini

Bracelets stacked

Kumihimo Necklace Plus - Santorini

The Necklace Plus makes a long necklace and a bracelets, or two necklaces, your choice. 
A handmade glass bead can be added. 

 Kumihimo Necklace Plus - Santorini

The large bead can sometimes slide on over the clasp and beads. 

Kumihimo Necklace Plus - Santorini

Other times, depending on the actual diameter of he inside hole, the beads needs to be integrated into the braid. Each bead is handmade one at a time, so inside diameter are not exact. 

Kumihimo Necklace Plus - Santorini - Focal Glass Bead

The borosilicate bead contains silver globs and dichroic fragments within, giving it life when it moves. 

This pieces were braided with Rayon Bouclé that is space dyed, C-Lon Bead Cord, 4mm Magatamas, these beads are in the form of a droplet, Size 8 seed beads for bracelet #1, gold tone magnetic clasps covered by Peyote Sleeves. The focal large glass bead is an optional add on to the kit. > Get a kit

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