Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Colorways for the Kumihimo Ribbon Kits

Violet & Olivine

New colors of ribbon just arrived. It is fun to create new bead mixes with Magatamas to match each colorway... and to see the cords braided. These ribbons are hand dyed rayon ribbon with gold metallic accents. the colors are laid out in a rainbow fashion allowing the color shift to happen gradually but noticeably.

African Violet has some great colors from grape to orchid with touches of grey.

Autumn Leaves reminds me of Liquid Amber trees in the fall.

Midnight is rich and deep.

Raspberry Swirl is delectable yet classical.

Violet & Olivine was a best seller at Stitches West  followed closely by Coffee & Demin. See previous blog entry.

African Violet
Autumn Leaves
Raspberry Swirl

At Stitches West, a customer proudly showed me her previous evening progress on her kit. Bravo!

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