Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Crown Knotting, an Alternate Method for Knotting between Beads

Crown knotting or the crown knot sennit is an elegant solution for stringing larger hole beads and keeping them from touching each other. The crown knots have many advantages over traditional bead stringing techniques. The knots are completely symmetrical. They are easier to keep snug against the beads and are well suited for stringing beads with large holes or uneven holes as the ratio between the cord going through the beads and the actual size of the knot is much larger than with overhand knots or other techniques

This workshop premiered at BABE in November 2009 in Oakland, CA. For those not familiar with BABE, it is a bead show in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Bay Area Bead Extravaganza, offering workshops and classes. It will teach how to tie a 4-strand crown knots with the use of a kumihimo disk, a method that makes this process much easier to learn and master. The class project will integrate the clasp with a button and loop seamlessly with no loose thread or thread ends remaining.

I really enjoy coming up with new methods making knotting techniques easier to teach and to learn. It must be the teacher and technician in me. Sometimes everything clicks just the right way. In this instance the addition of a tool makes the task easier. So it will be a pleasure to share this new way to tie this ancient knot and of course the many subtleties creating a closure out of the beginning and endings.

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September 2011: It's this time of the year again. This will be my third time around teaching Crown Knotting at BABE. This time I will have two assistants - what a luxury! Plan on coming for the workshop on Friday, going to the show Saturday or Sunday or taking more workshops offered by many other talented artists from all over the country. Hope to see you there! ~ Marion

Crown Knotting

Update November, 2016

This class is now available as a kit. I spent time creating a new manual that cover everything that was taught in the class plus more with lots of pictures, and illustrations. The manual has over 40 pictures and diagrams. –> Crown Knotting & Fiber Endings Bracelet Kit


Judy Kaluzny said...

Marion, Loved working through you tutorial for knotted bezels and wonder if you would consider making your crown knot and cavandoli workshops available in a similar format?! Judy Kaluzny

Marion Hunziker-Larsen said...

Thank you, Judy, I will consider it after I teach this class for a while and understand better all the printed information that is necessary learn this technique from a tutorial.

Alice Howe said...

I will be at BABE, but your workshop is full. I also would be very interested in a tutorial on crown knots, should you make it available.

shaolingrrl said...

Any more thought to the tutorial? I picked up the crown knot technique from Jacqui Carey's book and like it for spacing beads very much, but haven't figured out either the use of the kumihimo disk or finishing both ends cleanly (one end, yes....)

I hope to come to BABE this year ('11) but only for the Saturday. I can't come to your class due to work. I do intend to stop by your booth, though and I would certainly get such a tutorial said...

I also would like a tutorial. Know how to do it on a disk but that doesn't seem to work for large hole beads. said...

I also would like a tutorial. Know how to do it on a disk but that doesn't seem to work for large hole beads.