Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Local Isn't Just about Vegetables

Shopping local isn't just for fruit and vegetables. Buying from local artists and artisans has many benefits for our communities and should be considered similarly as buying produce at our local farmers markets. And local isn't just about geography anymore. The web has also made it possible to connect with larger geographical communities tied by common special interests.

This year I have renewed my commitment to continue working locally and on the web. I have limited my 'brick and mortar' activities to shows within the San Francisco Greater Bay Area. I may also give up on hotels or at least parking in their lots for a while... my car was the only car stolen in 25 years out of a Hilton parking lot while I was doing a show...

The added benefit by keeping shows more local, is a smaller carbon footprint. Other practices to be greener include: the reuse of packing materials, 100% recycled and post consumer paper for printing and ordering either locally in person or by mail whenever possible. This practice keeps me more productive in my studio.

Let me know about new practices you have started to keep your activities local and greener... Till later, Marion

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