Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Commission Work

Special order or commission work can be as simple as making a pair of earring with brown thread instead of black thread. The price is already set, the piece is prepaid, made and sent within 2 weeks or so.

Occasionally, I get a component sent to me. Often it is a challenge as it may not be a material that I may have chosen to work with. Other times it greatly benefits my work to step outside my normal design comfort zone.

A back and forth goes on either by email or phone or both to decide the direction the final design and the price for the work. Then the commission is paid, the execution take place and the piece is either picked up or sent by mail.

Then as an artist, I await the final word from the customer who ordered the piece as all now depends on whether the final piece met their desires and expectations.

The art glass donut component with silver foil was sent to me. I chose some thread colors to go with the piece, C-Lon Bead Cord Chestnut, D&E Nylon #18 Light Grey and Vintage Mastex Bluebird as seen in the picture posted above. Ultimately the design got several components added to it: a 50mm Duomortite Donut, some Miyuki 6/0 seed beads and a sterling silver clasp. Additionally the braid got several color added for better color balance, C-Lon Bead Cord Navy, D&E Nylon #18 Navy and an especially faded dyelot of Vintage Mastex Navy. The techniques used included knotting and hand braiding.

The pictures taken were for record only, not intended for publishing....

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Mary said...

Marion did a superb job transforming a piece of glass into a beautiful piece of jewelry that I am very proud to wear. Marion was easy to work with responding to emails and phone calls promptly, making suggestions, and listening to what I thought I wanted.