Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Heavyweight C-Lon Tex 400 Bead Cord

Did you get the new heavyweight C-Lon Tex 400 Bead Cord? What's you opinion on this new thread?

Post your comments on this thread, send pictures of pieces you have done with it...

It is available in 16 colors for now.

Update - This cord is now available in 24 colors and I have since had the chance to use it for a square knot bracelet I taught for an enrichment class to 4th-8th graders. The resulting bracelets made or attenpted were great for some and not so great for others, but bear in mind that for most of the students in this class, it was their first introduction to square knotting!
I will do a new blog entry as soon as I get the chance.


Brooke H said...

I made a couple of simple chain bead necklaces with it. The necklaces went over very well with my daughter and niece. The extra weight of the thread gives the resulting chain a nice heft and is well proportioned for #6 seed beads.

Falskblondin said...

I have tried this cord but it´s not my favourite. I use waxed linen cord and find it more to my liking. I have waxed c-lon cord and find that then it´s easier to use it. I might give it some more tries.

Marion said...

About waxed and bonded thread: It is really comparing apples and bananas. Some applications require bonded thread, others waxed thread, and some offer the flexibility of working with either type of thread. Waxed cord worn against the skin does not age well especially in warm climates in my experience. If your application offer you the choice, waxed thread is easier to work with. Best with your creative projects and please send pictures! Marion

Laurinda said...

Hi Marion,

I am looking to make rosaries with the C-Lon Tex 400. I want to have knots around some of the beads. I was wanted your opinion on if the Tex 400 would be great for this or if I should just stick with the other C-long that is thinner.

Marion said...

Try both, and send me your address if you would like a sample. The C-Lon Tex 400 Cord is quite beautiful by itself. I can see leaving bit and pieces of it untouched between beads. I guess I better get back to work to make a piece just like that! - Marion