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C-Lon Bead Cord - Comparing Sizes

C-Lon Bead Cord - Comparing Sizes
C-Lon Bead Cord - 4 Sizes in Orchid

C-Lon Bead Cord comes in 4 sizes. All the spools are 4 cm tall (1.57 inch) other than the Tex 400 spool a bit shorter at 3.8mm tall. Actual diameters of the spools vary a bit depending on how tightly the spooling machine is winding the cord onto the spool. The spools are measured by actual yardage, not by weight nor by the diameter of the spool. 

C-Lon Tex 400 Bead Cord - Ø 0.9 mm - The heaviest size, thickest cord. 108 colors.

C-Lon Bead Cord - Tex 210 - Ø 0.5 mm - 108 colors. The standard size called plain C-Lon Bead Cord, with no attributes. Often referred as Macrame Nylon #18, an appellation of older brands of upholstery bonded nylon such as Conso Nylon #18, Robinson Nylon #18, Mastex Nylon #18 and Macraworld Nylon #18 which used to be the standard size of bonded nylon used for macrame for jewelry making and for upholstery all the way back to the 1970's. Now the standard size for micro- macrame. 

C-Lon Fine Weight Bead Cord - Tex 135 - Ø 0.4 mm - In between the standard size and the micro size. 44 colors.

C-Lon Micro Bead Cord - Tex 70 - Ø 0.115 mm - The finest weight. 32 colors.

The Tex 400 spools are easy to identify as they are shorter than the other ones. You can identify your spools by looking at the crossing of the cord on the spool and by feeling the cord diameter. 

Not sure what you'd like… Contact Marion & ask for a sample! 

The sample card will have a piece of each cord size about 1/2 a meter/yard long:

Micro - Oyster
Fine - Teal
C-Lon Bead Cord - Black
Tex 400 - Orchid

If you want a thinner cord than the C-Lon Micro Cord, several mono cords are available, C-Lon Bead Thread Size DC-Lon Bead Thread Size AA and KO Beading Cord. These are 1 ply threads with filaments that are parallel, not twisted into 2-ply or 3-ply cords such as the C-Lon Bead Cords. 

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