Sunday, April 16, 2017

C-Lon Micro Cord - New Spool Size - New Colors

C-Lon Micro Cord - New Colors - New Spools Sizes

C-Lon is adding new colors and introducing a new spool size in the C-Lon Micro Cord Tex 70 size. The original spool size of the Micro is 320 yd - 293 m. The new spool size is 100 yd - 91 m. By switching to smaller spool sizes, it will be easier on our wallet all around to buy and invest in more colors. 

C-Lon Micro Cord - New 2017 Colors

C-Lon just released 8 new colors: 
Vanilla, Latte, Argentum, Charcoal
Gunmetal, Copper RoseTurquoiseAntique Brown 

It is really great to have new colors in the Micro size of C-Lon. Vanilla, Latte, Argentum, and Charcoal were added in April. Gunmetal, Copper RoseTurquoise, and Antique Brown just came in this week. Another 8 colors are planned for this year. 

In addition, all the existing colors of Micro are switching to the new 100 yd spool size as inventory of the original spools is sold. The color White, Gold, Grey, Oyster, Sea Shell have already switched to the new spool sizes. We still have some limited inventory of White, Gold, Oyster and Sea Shell in the larger spool, but Grey is now only available in the new spool size. 

Since I discovered C-Lon in 2005 when they had 24 colors of the standard C-Lon Bead Cord only, I have been an advocate for more colors and more sizes, always. Many of you have expressed the desire and need for more colors of Micro so I passed that along. We are very lucky that C-Lon is been open to adding more colors and more sizes to their cord offering. If not for financial constrains, I am sure, they would have all the colors in all the sizes... And having the same color available in all four sizes of C-Lon Bead Cord is very valuable when designing a jewelry line, so yes I am very excited about these new additions. I hope you are too!

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