Friday, April 17, 2015

Upcycle - Restore - Renew with Madeira Silk Floss

Embroidery with Madeira Silk Floss

Oh no, my favorite yoga tights got a hole right above the knee and they are the best color match for an Art of Cloth tie dye short dress I got at Stitches West this February. Finding the exact grey color to mend it was not a task I looked forward to. Instead I decided to embellish the hole with Madeira Floss Silk –> Madeira Floss comes in 108 colors

Embroidery with Madeira Silk Floss

The mended spot got flower done without no prior drawing, just embroidered free hand. I plan to fix a few other pieces of clothing in this same way. Next on my agenda is a cashmere sweater with a giant hole at the elbow. This one will require a leather patch and I happen to have some in my studio. Then a T-shirt with a hole in the front - that one may require a bit of thinking, maybe slashing vents all over might be a better solution. We will see.

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